Sustainability Score

It’s hard to know if alcohol brands are sustainable or not since they’re not really providing you with any concrete information. They’re mostly just talking about what grapes the wine is or what city the brewery is from. 

With this campaign, Adnams giving their audience the information that they want and need, but they are also giving them a tool to find tasty and sustainable options for their drinkers.

Awards & Recognition: Yellow Pencil, D&AD New Blood (TBA), Silver, Creativity International, featured at Ads of the World



We will add a sustainability score on their website. This way, we’re showing off how environmental friendly Adnams really is, but we’re also being transparent as a company which is really important today.


Bottle Label

What we're doing on the website we'll also be doing on the bottles. The information provided is similar to the one the we get on produce labels, and contains information that the alcohol industry seems to have gotten away with not displaying.


App Screens

The app works like those wine-rating apps; All you need to do is take a photo of the bottle and the information will show up. It rates beverages through sustainability score, taste and quality. It also gives you more environmental friendly options.


Art Director: Johanna Granlund Copywriter: Amanda Wennberg