The New York Times


 Think Inside the Box

The New York Times has seen a decrease in news literacy as our digital landscapes have grown. Our challenge was to create awareness around the issue and make people aware of how they read the news.

To do this we’re bringing back the Times boxes, from a time where news used to be news. We’re repurposing them to challenge the audience's worldview and to make a habit out of critically reading the news.

Awards & Recognition: Silver Pencil, One Show, Young Ones 2019, Gold, Creativity International 2019, Academy of Art Spring Show Shortlist 2019, Featured at Ads of the World.


Out of Home


The questions are connected to the daily news and current events that’s featured by The New York Times. They are timed to four seconds, the same time that is our general attention span when reading something online.



The data collected from the boxes will be gathered online for people to interact with, so that they can see how news literate their neighborhood and state is. This way, we can also measure how news literacy is increasing or decreasing in different states.




Billboards will be placed in different neighborhoods, and key cities in the US to entice the audience to
be more news literate.



Opinion changes. Facts Don’t.

Opinions and debate articles are crucial to democracy, but it is important to understand the difference between fact and opinions when reading the news. Especially in today’s society when opinions are shared and reposted as news.

Award & Merits: Merit One Show Young Ones, Digital Video 2019.


Art Directors: Freija Edlund, Rasmus Holmqvist, Hanna Göransson, Hedvig Rausing, Copywriter: Amanda Wennberg